Sound Insulation Testing Reports Being Supplied by Accredited Company
For submission of soundinsulation testing reports, that are mandatory for submission to your officer of creating control, like a part E from the regulation of building rules in England, NOVA Acoustics Ltd. is providing professional services to help developers to carry out their projects without any hassle.

Professional services

Services being made available from Nova Acoustics Ltd include sound testing for acoustics for pre completion for ensuring compliance to robust details in building. Services in acoustic testing is being given by the corporation which feature acoustic testing of separating walls according the specifications of testing as approved by UKAS. Testing which they may be providing expert services also have noise surveys, noise on the job and building compliance in line with the prevailing norms.

Accredited Consultants

Nova Acoustics Ltd. is accredited by UKAS, providing expert consultancy in sound testing and helping building owners and developers to successfully pass the sound test without the hassle. What this acoustic consultant firm is ensuring, is proper installing of doors, ventilation and windows system that needs to be closed and glazed, completing ceilings, walls and floors properly and amongst others, proper fitting of light switches, electrical sockets and skirting boards. In the case of sound testing not passing the desired standards, these are providing design service free of cost, where they really are reviewing the causes who had led to the failure. Complete survey is going to be conducted by those to detect typical faults that include sealing of air paths, condition within the floating flooring and incorrect fittings of resilient bars.

Sorts of sound testing until this company is providing include Air borne Testing and Impact Testing which might be conducted by experts in the area of acoustics and competent along with the sound testing building regulations necessary for passing the sound test. Find out more about Sound Testing Building Regulations